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2 Barrel's?

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  • 2 Barrel's?

    I couldn't pull the trigger. I felt like he was slow playing an ace, maybe waiting for a clean turn card or he had exactly what he showed up with a middling pair and wouldn't fold.
    New player that I only had 12 hands on -

    I guess we can talk about the turn bet too. I thought I had to bet with the FD and gutter. I didn't bet the flop bc I didn't want to face a c/r.

    Maybe that is a mistake as well....

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    I can't think of many worse hands you'd end up here with so yes, it's a good bluff candidate.


    • kkep
      kkep commented
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      When he called the turn bet that short on a fairly dry flop I figured he had something and probably wasn't going to fold on that river.
      I felt like my bluff was the turn then make my hand or give up..

      I suppose he shouldn't have any aces but we aren't going to have many either. So really I felt like I could only get hands he floated with to fold and since we have 2 hearts I think a FD was unlikely. I think we are going to get looked up often on that river.

      I guess a K or Q would be a good bluff card tho because he shouldn't have KK QQ nor should he have very many of those if any in his range that would float.

      These $100 tournaments play much better as a whole so we can actually put a range on a decent number of players

      What size would you think is optimal for a river bluff tho?

      I suppose a small bet should be enough to get his high cards to fold if he somehow did float in which case it might just always be worth a shot....
      but I don't think a large bet gets through unless maybe we make a polarizing bet. I think that means I would have had to put him all in?

    • reeeeeeper
      reeeeeeper commented
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      I wouldn't bet that turn if I wasn't going to fire river. And yeah, put him in. If you don't think it is going to do the trick then why fire into two people on the turn? That river is a good card for you to fire again since it gives many hands one more way to lose. It may or may not have worked here. Just, 6 high, if you're not bluffing with that then what are you bluffing with?

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    I like a roughly pot-sized river bet.


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      I like the turn bet but I would not have bet so small. I would have bet closer to 3/4 pot given all the draws.
      On the river when I think of barreling I think of the following
      * General risk / reward. You can bluff the river and you have plenty of chips if you get called. So that's good.
      * Quality of your hand. Bet your strong hands and the hands that can't win any other way. This clearly fits into one of those categories.
      * What hands do I block / unblock. The fact that you have hearts is bad. 9hTh would be the worst hand to bluff with because you block so many draws. On the other hand you have a 6, so you block 56 which is good. Although if villain had 56, you would have known about it on the turn. It's also good you don't have a K,Q,J,T because a lot of the weak hands like suited broadways can't call a river bet.
      * Villain shouldn't have many Ax since they overlimped preflop.

      My original impression was this is a bad hand to bluff because you have hearts. But if I look at the points I just made, way more point to bluffing than point to checking so bluffing is probably pretty good play.

      On top of that Jonathan likes it so it must be good!