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    Did anyone catch the Sam Grafton vs Hasan(sp?)hand yesterday?

    Grafton opens with JJ Hasan calls with A7s and
    flops the joint 77A.

    if I recall it went bet call.

    turn A bet call

    river A

    Sam bet 2m might have been 2/3 ish or over pot I can’t remember.

    Hasan ships it for like 1.4m more.

    I get that he is never bluffing but I’m not good enough to fold there.

    I would probably think he could be doing that with 88 99 TT.

    The problem is I’m thinking about my player pool which is 90% bad players or whatever but a lot of bad players. So we probably have to call bc many of them would do that?

    But really when we think about it vs good players it’s probably never going to be worse than KK and I think KK can still only call plus that shouldn’t even be in his range so it has to be quad 7’s or Aces right...

    yet idk if I could actually fold or not if I was on the spot and not looking at it from afar.

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    It seems like an easy fold there to me. It would be quite bad to turn a hand like TT into a bluff in my opinion.


    • kkep
      kkep commented
      Editing a comment
      Yup I see it and although Sam did tank for a minute it was pretty obvious he instantly knew he was beat and was never going to call.