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Don't Forget the Live Study Stream

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  • Don't Forget the Live Study Stream

    The Live Study Stream with Jarred Gabin ( and Shaundle Pruitt (
    You can find it here on Saturday's around noon -

    Big Toe has been supporting our forum so lets support him while he's trying to help us get better at poker.
    I find this to be entertaining as well as education.

    I have to skip today as I'm going to play live before I forget how. It's been a couple of months...I need to get a Big Stax tune -up in.

    finished 18/230 for a min cash and busted the seal for 2020 live anyway
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    LMAO! yeah those twitch streams are epic! I love them. They have a great thing going. It's original too (in my experience anyway).


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      I hopped on for part of it. Real cool content. Hope they keep doing this!


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        Thanks guys! We love doing them! We do them every Saturday at Noon est. If you ever miss any of them you can replay them all on my YouTube channel here


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          Awesome GodsBigToe . Thanks for the link. I will subscribe to your channel to help boost your followers/subscribers (however it works for youtube lol)


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            Turned on the notifications, too. That way, once Saturday comes around, I'll be reminded!