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AA on flop OOP multiple callers

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  • AA on flop OOP multiple callers

    Looking at how we should play various flops in this situation.

    Live $1/2 game. Stacks vary from $100-400. Hero UTG with red AA. Raise to $10. Four players behind us call along with the big blind.

    Flop comes out. Big blind checks. With four players left to act is this a 100% check? Or are there boards where we should be betting in to the field? Seems nitty to check aces. Seems foolish to bet in to four people.

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    Im betting on most flops, even into 4 people. It would have to be a very specific type of board texture for me to check on the flop, or having a good read on my opponents that they are willing to get real out of line. I may check if I hit my set and the board isn't to wet to try and trap. Im not a big fan of letting free cards hit multiway when Im holding a premium hand. Personally my default is to fire on the flop and try to build a big pot.


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      Flop like K92 rainbow I’m betting about 3/4 pot.
      If it was 689 hhs I’m checking


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        I'm cbetting close to 100%.
        Only flops I may not be betting:
        - an Ace, with the intention of chk-raising.
        - an all heart or diamond board, preferably with broadway cards

        Even an all spade or club board I am firing on. You get to have all the Aces in your range here, so unless one of your opponents is holding the Ac or As in that instance, your hand still looks strong.


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          I think this is more nuanced than doing something 100%. It really depends on the flop texture and your opponents.

          Against world class players yes you may want to check back every board. Against your typical 1/2 droolers who will respond honestly and let you know if you’re behind, I’m value betting a lot of flops.


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