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Fold QQ preflop?

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  • Fold QQ preflop?

    I really thought about folding pre here?

    do you fold or call it off?

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    The three bet and cold call should look super strong to the original raiser. The logical hands to shove over that have to be only aces and kings. Assuming the guys isn’t a maniac you’re beat here most of the time. You should fold here but I’ll readily admit actually pulling the fold trigger with queens is easier said then done.


    • jamtay317
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      yeah, I had no stats on him. Blitz poker, soooo. I really thought about folding and then I hit call. it was a bad call but I got lucky!

    • radubalaj
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      Spot on analysis. If I open and someone just shoves, then yeah, call it. It's more likely he has AK or a smaller pair than AA and KK that would not mind some fold equity.

      In this particular situation with the three bet and cold call, you can fold. Even against AK (which is 16 combos) which could be the majority of his shoving range, you still only have a slight advantage.

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    I think its a call here everytime unless your against a super nit who you know its only playing AA or KK this way and that is tough to know while playing Blitz. You are calling 14.38 to win 31,26, You need to be good here 46% of the time. If he is willing to make this play with AK and AQ along with the AA and KK that is 46% I think most players are more likely making this extreme overshove with hands like JJ,1010.99. AK,AQ. I would honestly not be expecting AA or KK that often cause that is really a horrible way to play them. If that is the range you against your crushing that range(69% equity) Playing AA this way is horrible as most holdings are just folding. If your folding QQ here your folding basically everything. I don't think you want to be in a position where your folding your entire range. Ultimately it comes down to what you think his range is. Personally I think its a call