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do not check river after check check twice & the power of the Antipetermove

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  • do not check river after check check twice & the power of the Antipetermove

    i am sometimes in a situation where i completely whiff the board until the river

    and the villian seemingly also

    the action then goescheck check flop, check check turn

    i then think if i bet now on the river to a normal betsize he will call me light as I have checked 2 times and I am not strong in his eyes

    i then either check river or bet very big

    snowie clearly says you must bet after check check twice

    size doesnt matter much, you just must bet !!

    the highest EV (1.74) has the 2x Potsize bet (insider: the Antipetermove) (see picture 1)

    the second highest ev (1.41) has the 50% potsize (see picture 2)

    the 3rd highest EV (1.10) has the 25 % potsize bet (see picture 3)

    the 4th highest EV (0.81) has the potsize bet

    actually i think it is easy to explain why

    overbet 2x will get called that infrequently after check check twice , it succeeds a lot

    50% potsize is not too small to getting called lightly after check check twice , it succeeds a lot

    25% potsize is better than giving up and you have some fold equity after check check twice

    potsize is gonna get called too often in comparism to the risks you take (here peter is right)
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    In general when someone checks to me twice I am going to go bet bet no matter the run out a ton of the time. I almost dont need cards at that point anymore and now I am just playing the situation. Its a similar situation where people cbet flop and then check blank turn cards. I am going to close my eyes and go bet bet in those spots a lot too. Particularly at the lower stakes where people are going to be playing their hands pretty face up. Everyone knows they are supposed to be cbetting often. A lot of players dont have the know how or the courage to bet twice as a bluff correctly.