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  • Beating small stakes online poker tournaments

    I just finished reading Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments, and I actually do a lot more of the things he explains on there than I thought. But when I'm playing online small stakes poker tournaments I find it hard to get reads on players because one, I find it hard to distinguish the names most of the time, two, I don't enjoy taking notes, it's way too time consuming, and three, sometimes I'm playing multiple tables and can't keep up with that. My question is is there an optimal way to play when you have very little information about the players at your table, and is it even profitable?

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    I have notes on everyone that does something I don't expect. To name a couple...

    There is a ton of donk betting and they do that for different reasons so I need to know what it is.

    Some donk bet top pair, some donk bet draws, some are just purely bluffing. Also some donk bet on different streets. Some do that when the board gets scary and they think they can get a bluff through, some do it when they make two pairs or better, some do it whenever they make a pair no matter if it's top pair, 2nd pair and I've even seen this with third pair.

    I like to make notes on players that are and are not raising the draws they likely should be.

    Notes on players that raise open pre flop and go bet bet bet and show up with no hand and no real drawing equity. That also happens much more than I would expect.

    etc etc

    I can't overstate how helpful taking notes is for me.

    If you're not going to take notes I suppose you are forced to assume everyone is a decent player and play them accordingly. But I think that leads to both over calling in spots vs players that are never bluffing and not calling wide enough vs players that bluff to much.

    Also you won't know who the calling stations are leading you to bluff the wrong players rather than value owning them or who the nits are that can be over bluffed.
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      You play with a HUD right?

      Sadly it's pretty much a necessity these days.


      • Sharon L A
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        Unfortunately not possible on many sites now. I'm on a few sites but stick to 888 because I need to track my results and review my play while I'm in this heavy duty study mode.

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      I'm in Vegas and the only site to play on is Sportsbetting. I downloaded DriveHUD, but it doesn't seem to work for tournaments. Every time I move tables it resets all of the player stats. I'm not sure how that helps me. Am I doing something wrong?


      • LondonImp
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        Are you sure it's not simply because you don't have any stats on the new players at the new tables yet?

        Most sites forbid tracking software from tracking hands that you are not directly involved in so you won't build up stats unless you've played directly with them.

      • GodsBigToe
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        I live in Vegas and there are a bunch of sites you can play on. , global poker, and are all available to you. You can use huds on ACR and BOL but you are not allowed to use them on Global and WSOP. Just FYI.

        Also, taking notes is a MUST! If you cant keep up with the table action and take notes then I would highly suggest cutting down on tables. I know JL has a note taking video. I have one as well that talks about the short hand I have been using for years and how i color code people as well.

        If you are in a scenario where you dont have any info on a player then I would just play as close to GTO as possible until I got some sort of clue that there is an exploit available. Like if they check twice to me or something like that.
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      I play on pokerstars with a hud , if i had to play on sites where HUDs are not allowed/ possible , i would have to play gto

      I would then over calling in spots vs players that are never bluffing and not calling wide enough vs players that bluff to much.

      Because i cannot only play 1 table and pay attention all the time

      There is not much i could do about _ against it

      The Good News is you then have at least no disadvantage vs others , only vs those Who play only 1 or very few Tables ,chances are they are no pros