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**HELP** Killing off my bankroll!

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  • **HELP** Killing off my bankroll!

    Alright Guys, My name is Joe. I’m new to the forums!
    I have studied for hundreds of hours. Over and over played for hundreds as well. I’ve taken Negraneaus master class, Phil Iveys master class, and watched just about everything Jonathan Little has ever posted and he’s my absolute favorite player. Here’s what’s going on.
    I Play $1/$2 at my local Kansas Casinos. I buy in for $200 or 100BB which is an average stack at the table usually. For my last 30 sessions I’ll play for the 3 or 4 hours and I will be up around 30BB/Hour. It takes about an hour to figure out what’s going on and get some reads.. Then I make a Consistent 25BB-40BB per hour. BUT
    Whenever I have prolonged sessions I lose. BAD. I get stuck for 400BBs at $1/$2. With quick short sessions I’m always up 25+ BB an hour up to about 5 hours. Then I just TANK I’ve tried everything. SOS Thanks for the advice. Time of day, casino, sleep, players, stakes. Nothing helps.

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    Set yourself a time limit or win limit and stick to it.
    It's hard to say for sure, but first guess would be that you are getting into a bad mental habit of probably losing a decent pot to a bad hand/player, and then chasing that loss trying to prove something either to the other players or yourself. That initial loss could be from decision fatigue that sets in after playing 5-6hrs+, boredom, winners tilt, ego, whatever, but it's likely triggering a cascade of bad decisions that other players are then capitalizing on. Booking a consistent $200 win at $1/2 is a lot better than losing a consistent $800.
    Get out while you're ahead and stop trying to prove something.
    We've all done it, and it is definitely a bankroll killer.


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      Play 4 hour sessions. Seriously. You probably don't have the stamina to keep your mental game there for the long sessions, or people are picking up on your leaks by then. Alternatively, exercise, sleep and eat well to increase your stamina.


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        I agree woth everything above. Try the book peak poker performance it’s by a dr and Johnathon little it’s a great read and has helped me with some of the issues you are talking about


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          To take a look at this from a different perspective than what has been suggested already, just because you have studied a lot does not necessarily mean you will do well.

          Can you post some hands so the forum can analyze how they were played?

          You also need to account for variance in your results. I don't play live, but I imagine it can be worse than online since you are dealt much fewer hands and can take more time to come back from a loss or simply to get closer to your EV.


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            Originally posted by reeeeeeper View Post
            Play 4 hour sessions. Seriously. You probably don't have the stamina to keep your mental game there for the long sessions, or people are picking up on your leaks by then. Alternatively, exercise, sleep and eat well to increase your stamina.
            This is spot on.

            If you want to play longer sessions then you need to train yourself to be able to. Try this: for 1 in 5 sessions play for an extra 15 minutes than what you can comfortably do, but then revert back to your usual length for the next 4. You will improve your mental stamina this way.

            We build "mental muscle" in the same way that we build physical muscles.

            You wouldn't attempt to run a marathon without training. You'd start off by running 1 mile and when you improve you'd run 2 miles, and then 3 miles, all the way up until you could run whatever distance these masochists choose to put themselves through.

            Poker is no different. Start with what you can manage, and then push yourself to improve in small increments. Just like you did when you were learning the technical aspects/strategies of the game.
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              I have also found that the long sessions do not work out for me either. I now only play 3-5hr sessions which I find helps with playing my A game. When I play longer my leaks start appearing!
              So I think you may have some leaks in your game which you need to identify before trying to play longer sessions.
              Also, maybe you are focusing too much on how much you should be winning and you are trying to make things happen? If it is about winning more per session, then maybe look to play the shorter sessions and move up in stakes.
              Do you change tables after 3 or 4 hours? If not, maybe take a break to analyse your game and also assess how you are feeling, then if you feel like you are not tired and feel like you are in the right mental state, start fresh at a new table.


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                It sounds like you seem to lose your mind after a while. Perhaps you are playing aggressively (leading to small wins) and once your opponents figure this out, they adjust. It is difficult to tell without you posting lots of hands for us to analyze. So, post lots of hands for us to analyze.


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                  Are you taking enough breaks and staying comfortable enough to continue focusing? Getting up enough to stretch legs, 10-15min off after 60-90 min. Dinner break? If you find you miss any action or hands, take 5. Try table or seat changes.


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                    I use my stamina as an edge. I've noticed the longer I play with the same people in the same session they tend to lose their mental game, become unfocused, lazy, bored, etc - that's when I start taking advantage - people drinking are good targets as well. Sometime before I sit I look at other tables and take a mental note who is there - if after 5 hours and my table dynamic has changed to newer players I'll try to get at a table with others that have been there a long time. Take a power nap before a session - it might work wonders