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When all 3 options have merit . . .

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  • When all 3 options have merit . . .

    Well first things first, the title is only my opinion, because I can see check-raising, check-calling to check(raise) river, and check-calling to lead river all having merit. Easy game when you have the nuts but I can't help feeling I messed up because, having the nuts, with still plenty of money left behind, I failed to get it all. But, was jamming good? With how much aggression he's showing, I like jamming because if he has a smaller flush or a set, we get the money in now before the board becomes scary or another diamond hits and kills the action.
    How would you all have played this one?
    In my opinion, knowing now that he folds to a jam, I really like check-call, and check the river. Yes, you take the risk of him checking back, however, in this case I wouldn't have lost any additional money. Of course my fear was the board pairing and facing a big bet.
    Anyway . . .
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    It's certainly an interesting one.

    The problem is if you flat the turn there is absolutely no guarantee that he fires again on the river so we miss value that way.

    Clearly he mucked when you ripped it in for all on the turn so bye bye value there.

    I think we went wrong slow-playing this on the flop. Even if we just click-it back when he 2bets us this creates a much bigger pot by the turn/river and so with a lower SPR we will be able to play for stacks far easier.


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      Check-shoving looks incredibly strong here, at least to me.
      His play is quite strange, players are usually cautious on monotone boards. He is probably trying to bluff with a diamond in his hand, say the Jack of diamonds with a pair.

      I don't think worst made flushes are folding and sets get about right price to call and hit quads/boats. The only hand that can call you that beats you on the river is a set and that should realize equity regardless, so I don't think raising all-in is necessary. If they call and get lucky, they realize their equity. If you only call and they shove river when they get there, they realize their equity. Everything else you crush and can get more money in by calling.

      This assumes they don't fold sets on the turn, of course, which I think most players won't. If they are so nitty that they fold sets, denying them equity by shoving isn't bad.


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        I like just calling on the turn against most people, assuming you think they have lots of bluffs in their range. If they are o the tight/straightforward side, I would probably just get it on on the flop.