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  • 1/2 Hand

    1/2 NL, $150 effective. Villain is a somewhat straightforward player I had seen raise the flop earlier with top pair.

    Hero gets AhAc.

    UTG (Hero) raises to 7
    UTG+1 (Villain) and BTN call.

    Flop: QsJh6d

    Hero bets 10, Villain raises to 25, BTN folds, Hero calls.

    Turn: Js

    Hero checks, Villain bets 25, Hero calls

    River: 2c

    Hero checks, Villain shoves. Hero tank-calls. Villain turns over AdJd.

    I really don't think there was anything I could have done differently, other than fold to the shove. But I believe I had enough equity at that point. Thoughts?
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    Based on your read that villain will overplay Qx this way I think you have to call flop and turn. On the river he’s jamming ~3/4 pot so you only need to be good here 30% of the time but I’m not sure you are. People generally have it when they take this line. You need him to be overvaluing AQ or KQ (I think he might keep betting smaller with those) or continuing to bluff with KT or T9 (and I think he bets turn bigger with those).

    It’s hard to range him because he *shouldn’t be raising any Jx.


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      yeh, im probably calling. only J you can put him on really is QJ


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        I'm probably calling here even knowing I will run into a jack or set at times


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          Yeah, as above I am calling here. I am then quickly making a note on this player and would be looking to make exploitative folds in the future if he is doing this often.


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            After first reading post I think I may have 4bet him on The flop. As played I’m not calling the shove as I just don’t see him shoving with anything less then trip jacks in my opinion


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              I'm not loving the flop raise bc they will often have 2pr or a set. Most don't raise str8 draws in this spot at those stakes. I'm never folding tho.
              When the Jack hits the turn I'm actually feeling much better about our hand so I'm stacking off too.

              Beside that what am I missing, the river shove was only for $29 the way I'm reading this


              • seagrub
                seagrub commented
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                River shove would be for $93 into a $71 pot.

              • kkep
                kkep commented
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                I see the pot as $121 with the effective stack starting with $150 but yes the call is $93....thanks for making me look at it again