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  • 77s UTG

    I think this is from an online $2k GTD. What do you guys think about my play here. Would you do anything different?

    Yatahay Network - 125/250 NL - Holdem - 8 players
    Hand converted by Holdem Manager 3

    UTG+1: 27,554 (110.2 bb)
    MP: 22,670 (90.7 bb)
    MP+1: 23,896 (95.6 bb)
    CO: 25,128 (100.5 bb)
    BTN: 44,377 (177.5 bb)
    SB: 20,664 (82.7 bb)
    BB: 27,049 (108.2 bb)
    Hero (UTG): 50,920 (203.7 bb)

    8 players post ante of 30, SB posts 125, BB posts 250

    Pre Flop: (pot: 615) Hero has :7h: :7c:
    Hero raises to 500, UTG+1 raises to 1,900, 6 folds, Hero calls 1,400

    Flop: (4,415, 2 players) :6d: :3s: :6h:
    Hero checks, UTG+1 bets 1,229, Hero calls 1,229

    Turn: (6,873, 2 players) :2s:
    Hero checks, UTG+1 bets 4,155, Hero calls 4,155

    River: (15,183, 2 players) :4h:
    Hero checks, UTG+1 checks

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    I think im folding to his 3bet preflop. Utg+1 3bet your utg raise. Thats really strong. You do have implied odds to setmine though, so If I do call I'm playing it just like you did. It sucks you flopped an overpair though lol. I wouldn't be surprised to see JJ+ here. Maybe he double barrels AK. Idk
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      Just nit picking but 100BB deep I would have opened to 3x. Other than that I probably play it exactly the same. Against certain players I may find a fold on the turn but against an unknown I'm likely calling. Tough spot tho when any Broadway card hits and they bet river.


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        Agree that I’d open bigger this deep, more like 625. As the players are better and less likely to stack off post flop you should lean towards folding to the 3b.

        As played, you can probably fold turn against players who never bluff. Even against better players it’s a rough spot. because you’re not loving the majority of rivers.


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          It is a strong line for villain to take and he will have position on me. So it will be harder for me to realize my equity. I am looking at Michael Acevedos Modern Poker Theory book about facing 3-bets. The biggest stack depth they give ranges for is 60bb for my exact situation. Here, the range suggests that we play 77s as a mix of 50% fold 50% call. I am not against folding in the future as I am really deep here, I could just fold and move on.

          Yeah, Idk it didn't feel good during the hand facing the flop and turn barrel. Every time he bet I was thinking "why the h**** did I call preflop?!" But I felt a little more relieved after he checked back on the river.

          I do agree with you kkep about going bigger preflop. I just get lazy and adapt the min-raise. I should have raised to something like 2.5x or something in those lines maybe even bigger. Yeah it was a tough spot. I still don't know if I played it correctly. Should I just be folding this pre?


          • kkep
            kkep commented
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            I'm taking a flop most of the time. One reason is don't want them to get the idea they can easily get me to fold and only call with Premium hands.

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          I wouldn’t fold pre. You have to put in 1400 to potentially win 26k more. With him 3betting from utg1 his range should be strong. He bet twice so you were definitely getting paid something if you hit your set.
          On this specific run out I probably call flop then just fold turn when he fires again.
          You have a huge stack, I think it’s certainly worth set-mining here


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            Yeah I think it's worth set mining, too. Also, He's going to have 32 combos of AK and AQ that he Cbets the flop with. Sure, there's going to be some over pair's that he's firing as well, but I just felt like I was willing to call the turn to see if he bets the river. My hand has the board crushed, and he's going to have more AK and AQ combos in his 3betting range than he is JJ+. Plus, if you look at the pot odds on the turn, we only need to win 28% of the time to break even, and against JJ+/AQ+ we have roughly 50% equity on the turn. So for those reasons, I think calling is fine. If I know that he's the type of villain that will never cbet turn unless he has it, it's a clear fold.

            Take a look:
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              No info on opponent? Then other than the small preflop raise (this deep should be 3-3.5BB) you played it fine.


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                I actually dont mind the way you played this. But I would definitely consider folding the turn, what do you beat that is going to bet 3/4 pot on turn? Possibly Axss that got out of line preflop?

                In my opinion the villain almost always had 77+ here, possibly AT+s. Vs that range your not doing very well.

                If they bet the river are you calling?


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                  I did consider folding the turn but I considered a few other things that lead me to call . Unless he's super fishy, villain should never be 3betting an UTG raiser with 77, 88, 99, or even TTs. I could see an argument for Tens but I don't love 3betting them. Also, he could be betting AK, AQ on the turn to try and fold out some of the pocket pairs that I might have.

                  I ranged villain JJ+/and AQ+. So, if you think about his flop bet, it's extremely small. This size let's me call wide and also keeps his range wide. On the turn, he bet's 60% pot, meaning that I need to win less than 28% of the time to break even. If you look at the photo I attached to my last post, I have close to 51% equity against his range. Also, villain is representing strictly an over pair as that 6 on the turn should not have changed the board at all.

                  If villain does have an overpair, he's likely to fire again on the river. Since I am getting the right price on the turn, I decided to call, planning to fold any river that wasn't a 7.


                  • jamtay317
                    jamtay317 commented
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                    very possible. that I was totally wrong. I would definitely add TT into some people's 3 betting range. but that is just me.

                  • kkep
                    kkep commented
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                    So I think the range you gave them his too tight. That aside *I* typically c-bet hands vs equally strong ranges when I have. obviously a strong made hand and my best draws. Lets say OESD. I may c-bet hands like AKs AQs AJs ATs KQs KJs (DSH) then check back the turn unless I have like in this spot spades in which I would barrel again.

                    I understand that may not be how the GP would play or that it may not even be the right way but that's how I would play it as the V.
                    I would also check my hands like 88 99 TT looking to some bets but we may already be behind JJ and sometimes QQ+

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                  I would have raised to 3bbs preflop. Besides that, this is fine.


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                    How do people feel about raising on the flop?


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                      @Garcy, if you raise the flop, what range of hands do you think is likely to call you?


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                        My thinking is Test his continuation bet. He has a lot broadways in his hand was my thinking. I don’t think he calls a lot it’s either a fold or a re-raise.

                        I suppose if we don’t have a read on the player but I think a lot of people continuation bet whether they hit or not


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                          If he doesn't call our raise a lot, that means we probably have the best hand. If that's the case, we shouldn't raise. By calling, we keep both players ranges wide, and give our opponent the option to bluff at us again on later streets. Sure, our hand is vulnerable to over cards, but we just have to play accordingly on the turn and river.


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                            Let's say the flop was the 6d 3d 6h and we hold the 78dd. We could certainly check-raise the flop in this situation. 1- our hand benefits from fold equity, so we don't really mind if he folds big over cards. 2- if we raise and get called, we can still turn more equity if the card is a 5 or 9 or hit our flush. 78 has no showdown value and benefits from bluffing, or improving on later streets. Which makes it a pretty good hand to ck/raise

                            Hopefully I am able to get you to see the difference between the situations and why ck/raising is better for one situation than it is for another.


                            • Garcy2707
                              Garcy2707 commented
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                              Ye I totally get that so Thabks for running through that with me

                              must admit I’m getting better at controlling the pot since I’ve been reading this forum. Still bluffing a little too much mind...