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  • Quiz 656

    This question is from Quiz 656.
    ​​​​​My question is ,
    Considering the fact that we are playing 1$/2$ in a local casino in that particular situation. Mostly we might be up against straight forward players.
    On the river when our opponent bets 10$ for a bet into a pot of 60$.
    On a board with A/A/ K
    with K/Q in our hand.
    Should not we just min raise to 30$ with the intention of folding if we get raised.
    Considering lower stakes our opponent might not try and bluff re raise us on river .So we can make a straight forward fold if he re raises with an Ace.
    Though if he has a King, he might just call a 30$ bet on the river.

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    I don’t ever hate the idea of going for thin value but I'm not sure this is the spot for it. I won't put words in Evan's mouth but my logic would be as follows.

    When you value bet you need to win at least 50% of the time you're called and I'm not sure that's happening here. You always get called when you're beat and you don't always get called when you're ahead. Against the right opponent where you had history and you didn't think he'd play the ace this way then sure, but in a vacuum it feels too thin for me.