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Playing 1/2 with calling stations

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  • Playing 1/2 with calling stations

    I started playing at a local card house in my city. I’ve never played a game where there is so many loose passive players. There will literally be more than 5 limpers every hand. My favorite is everyone limps CO raises to $12. I 3 bet from the button to $50 and all limpers call including the initial raiser. My question is what is the bottom of our raising range and limping range in late position? I know we are raising our premium hands, but am I raisimg behind limpers with AJs, A10s, and limping with AJ, A10, A9, KQ, KJ, K10, and suited connectors down to 65s and small pairs. This isn’t a card house with your typical players.

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    Jonathan did a video on combating limpers and I would suggest reviewing that. Very briefly he recommends raising with premium hands, raising some/calling some with good hands and calling with high implied odds hands. The actual bottom of the range can vary based on opponent type (tricky vs. straight forward) and how wide they are. If they're limping 60% of hands you raise a lot wider than if they're limping 10%. Personally I raise pretty wide over limpers when I'm in position. It's quite profitable at low stakes.


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      Once the LAG image is established, coming at the nitty limpers in live 1/2 from the CO and B with a lotttttt of junky AXo, KXo, junky offsuit connectors, feels like honest work for a paycheck lol

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    In the rare games where people really are mega-stations, who can legit limp call with any two frequently (super rare but I have seen it at home games and underground games), I think the boring reality is you just have to play the absolute premium cards aggressive, and some suited connectors and aces passive in position trapping, because opponents playing this way are not good, and they will pay off your premiums that stay good, and they will pay off your draws that get there. Just gotta be mindful you can barely ever bluff them (but you don't need to, because they're going to pay you off anyway,) We're talking probably playing 10-15% of hands, except for the B when it folds to us, then its entirely determined on the blind players.


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      Last night I played 1/3 against a loose passive call station that limp called (literally) every opening bet regardless of size, check called all bets, never led or raised and rarely folded. He crushed the table. Absolutely the luckiest bingo poker player I have ever seen. He put me on tilt. I had to go home early I was so upset.


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        I hope you invited him to my home game before you left