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50nl gross turn spot

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  • 50nl gross turn spot

    A little lead up to this spot . . . player 6 min-raises preflop, and four of us call. Five ways to the flop.
    On the flop, player 7 bets pot, player 8 calls, I call (yeah, pretty bad not to raise here i guess)
    I check the turn (my plan was to check-jam on good turns). Once this happens, what do you do?
    The turn bet by player 7 is 1.5x the pot. Play at this table has been generally loose-passive.
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    Jam to get a side-pot with player 8 before his draws miss. I'm not saying he has a draw or doesn't have you beat already, but the times he does have a draw you want to get the money in now. There are also times here where one player has 2pair or even AQ, KQ or QT and the other has a draw. I just don't see folding a set here even 3-way on an MW flop given all the draws available. I think you have the best often enough, especially given the side pot HU against player 8.