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Opening size and ranges in low stakes MTT's and cashgames

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  • Opening size and ranges in low stakes MTT's and cashgames

    Hey forum - first post since joining PC Premium in august! I am currently experimenting using a slightly larger RFI size than is recommended in the charts.

    Instead of opening to 2.5x I open to 3x. If there is 1 limper I raise to 4x, 2 limpers 5x etc.
    If I RFI from SB I raise to 4x due to being out of position.
    My 3-bet size IP is 3x but at least 9BB's. 3bet OOP is 4x and minimum 12BB's. If there are callers to the raise I add 3BB's for each one.
    For 4 betting I use a 2.5x size IP and a 3x size OOP.

    I feel like this is a better sizing to use in low stakes MMT's (1-11$ buy in). I then switch to smaller sizes when the blinds become huge and the final table is close so people start tightening up.

    My question is - how much should I deviate from the charts using these sizes. And how will this affect my cashgame strategy?


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    Hey buddy.

    What is it that you like about the larger RFI size and what results are you having from the experiment?


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      I feel like my range is generally crushing theirs and I still get a lot of action - but not the usual 5+ callers preflop in the early stages.
      I still play with small bets and try to size my bets properly preflop. I think I might be making a mess of things when it comes to cashgames but for tours I feel like this is allowing me to win more chips early. But maybe its just run-good and I need to adjust the ranges on the charts a lot using this strategy?


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        Looks pretty much exactly like my bet sizing. I tried to use 2.5x in the beginning but realized I was losing value so I just click the 3BB button now.
        I try to open using the GTO Charts as best as I have them in my brain. I should probably print them out

        I also pot all of my 3-bets OOP and go slightly smaller IP.


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          Is this in tours or cash or both? I am sitting at my desk playing with all the charts printed out i A3 around me on the corner walls - highly recommend it for learning them faster. I also have outs and odds chart and a range chart - about time I decorated my living room..

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          The tournaments I'm going to focus on seem to have a better player pool for the most part so I'm sticking to the 2.5x and even a smidgen smaller at certain tables. I still like the 4x OOP and 3.5x IP 3 bets tho.

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        In cash games I'm opening 3x every time. If I 3bet pre IP its a little less than pot and if OOP a little more than pot.

        MTT sizing is pretty complicated. Its all dependent on my stack size, opponents stack size and position, and if antes are in play. In the beginning with no antes I will open 3x or 4x because we're so deep. At 100bb I open 3x. Once I get down closer to 50bb I will start adjusting opening size depending on stacks behind me, BB and antes. As stacks shrink so do preflop 3bets and postflop bets / raises.

        My range tightens up as stacks shrink. One of the main reasons to tighten your range is when shorter re-jam stacks are behind you. When there's 15bb stacks left to act Im only opening hands I would feel comfortable calling off if they jam which is mainly big cards that can make good top pairs, mid-high pairs and bigger suited connectors.
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          I've considered going larger in live 1/2 as my range is generally going to be stronger than villains and I'll probably get callers opening as big as 8BB. But to be honest I think it might be more profitable to keep sizing standard and allow myself to be a little more splashy with implied odds hands, knowing I'll rarely be 3-Bet and I'm not afraid of playing multi-way post-flop.