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I'm pretty sure this is trivial

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  • I'm pretty sure this is trivial

    Pretty sure it's a call, everytime.
    Pretty sure this isn't even a discussion, or even worth a thread.
    But, it never hurts to double check.
    In this tourny we're in the money but still something like 190 players left.
    Again, just making sure this is always a call/jam. In case it matters I had 56% equity and since I was 99% certain this is always a call, I thought to post this here to get that up to %100. Does anything, like the likely chance we're going to lose a chunk of chips to one of them matter? Still always go with this 100% of the time, right?
    It's gotta be, but just in case someone who knows far more about mtt's than I, here it is.

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    if you pretty sure opponent only Jam with AA/KK maybe we can fold. but how sure are we , will he jam with worst hand ? i think base on exploit some player will give up this likely double up or nothing opportunity and wait for better spot. but will the opportunity come again fast enough

    one can argue to fold AA preflop in MTT , when all player cover you and the money jump is huge and you see 5 player before you all jam all in preflop , no doubt we have the best hand preflop , in heads up we are going double up 80% of the time. But if all player jam before us in a muti way pot we might have less then 50% of the time to hold up . we can consider a fold. there is no wrong if i can 100% get to 2nd or better then choose another route i have 38% of getting first and and 60% i will get out now and only win 9th place


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      Easy call. Especially this far off the big prizes.