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calculating normal bounty value

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  • calculating normal bounty value

    with normal bounty mtt (not pko) say 50/50 pricepool/Static bounty

    you Need to say when Starting stack is 3000

    your bounty is worth 1500 Chips

    when the Tournament progresses those bounties become More and More Worthless as 1500 chips are not worth a lot when the blinds are 250/500

    can i calculate this in Game like this? :

    i have 10.000 chips
    so i have 10 BB
    adding the bounty value my stack is worth 13 BB so I need to play my stack As a 13 BB stack and Not like a 10 BB stack

    (imagine this would matter , for instance with 10 BB you only push , with you never open push and only do minraise 13 BB )
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