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Who Needs Flopzilla?

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  • Who Needs Flopzilla?

    While certainly it is of great value for those who play regularly and have hand histories to utilise this as part of their work away from the table, nowadays I only play the WSOP. How much benefit is there in using it on a regular basis, given these circumstances?

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    I use Flopzilla everyday. I think it's a great way to break down your range, and see how much a minor change in someone range can change the equity


    • jamtay317
      jamtay317 commented
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      No, the new version can do that.

    • CrazyEddie
      CrazyEddie commented
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      you are not in my way. There is no conflict of interest

    • Joseph
      Joseph commented
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      Thanks jamtay, now to figure out how to get the Pro version. I have contacted support.

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    You just go download it from you license for the old version works for new version.


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      Flopzilla is my tool of choice to review hands, practice hand reading, study equities and calculate EV.