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  • why is this?

    See the picture... on those Boards I was always Betting small in the past

    in some of AF videos he bets 66% potsize I think in order to fold out high cards

    lexy also prefers bigger bets here, she says you want to deny equity of all overcards and Ace highs, you dont want those Holdings to being incentivized to call

    i think this Board doesnt hit a lot of pair+ and draw combos so I actually dont need to bet big??

    ok to fold out high cards betting bigger seems reasonable ,

    but is this advise to Betting large on those Boards General gto wisdom and correct ?

    i think jonathan bets small on those Boards also
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    in cash game i will bet small most of the time in MTT i would choose to bet big more frequent . In poker there is no perfect bet sizing and perfect play , what we need to achieve is to balance or exploit opponent . if we know betting small will also have same Fold equity as betting big why bet big? if we want a call , we know that by betting bigger will get the same call as betting small why bet small.

    bet small or bet big here is not the main things to ask , and our effective stack and alot of info is missing out , if you have AA here are you betting small or betting big here , if you have miss draw are you betting big or small here , how many street of game you want play . by betting big opponent tend to fold more hand , by betting small opponent tend to call or float more .

    in cash game i would choose the most highest ev play in Mtt i would scrafie some ev and opt a safer route