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would you call a 3.5x raise from BB with A4o

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  • would you call a 3.5x raise from BB with A4o

    at least snowie would with 40 bb

    seems deep enough

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    Have to say I see this as a chip-burner; you'll be OOP, playing a hand with large reverse implied odds. Even in a cash game I consider this suboptimal, and in tournaments you're just throwing off 2.5 BB most of the time.


    • Guido
      Guido commented
      Editing a comment
      As you can See in the picture i folded also , this was actually an easy fold to me , I would rather 3 bet 3.5 x than calling to such a raise if folding were forbidden

      vs this button late Position raise with a presumably wide range raising could be Superior with this Hand

      but calling big bets oop is most often a Losing play even vs wider ranges

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    It is like a trend, isn't it ?


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      With no stats on the villain I would be letting this go.

      Against a villain with high steal % (and hopefully high fold to resteal %) I would be looking to 3bet.

      Calling just doesn't seem right unless they also have low cbet % which would imply a fairly straightforward opponent post-flop.


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        Bottom of range so sometimes call/3-bet/fold


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          this happened to me with A4o, I called, hit a full house by the turn went all in and got burned on the river by a AT full a calling station..