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    Still trying to learn to deal with those young guns, and held my own for 2 hours. Lost my $200 in 2 hands. The first hand I missed the flush, had trip Jacks. BUT, my question is the next hand limped in on the button with J 10 o, after 3 other players limped in. The flopped Jh, 10c and 5s. I raised to $10, should I have raised higher with 2 pair? The small blind called, flopped a 4s and the small blind raised to $50, first thought was he has trips, but still bet. Last card was 7c and he went all in. I called and of course he had trip 4s. Did I not value the 2 pairs enough on the flop?

    Update: Okay, I didn't describe this well, at a $1-3 table, with three limpers and even though on the button, the older players were in the hand and some were pretty good, didn't feel comfortable with raising before the flop. I will get better. Everyone checked the flop, so I BET $10 and now looking back feel I didn't value the hand as well as I could have. If I had done $20, I bet the pair of 4s would have folded as he was short stacked like me.

    Update: Lost $100 on the first hand, and the last $100 on the second hand.

    Update: Even though I said the young guns were intimidating, I did play well when I was involved in hands with them ;- )
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    hi Kathy, to my mind you probably made some mistakes

    mistake 1 (small mistake)

    limping with such a mediocre offsuited hand(suited I am fine with) from button with no discount , I fold here most often , If villians are straightforward weak i iso raise almost potsize depending on the effective stack, but limping behind is just hoping to hit , i prefer playing in position in a bigger pot iso raising vs Mostly 1 villian who follows the Action and cbetting / range betting succesfully often , if necessary on several streets depending on the Board

    mistake 2

    you probably bet or raise Too small on Flop, Please Post the Action More exactly , what was Flop Action before it was your turn ?

    Whether there are More mistakes depends on how you range villian , I like it that you did Not Chicken out on river, the Main decision point is Whether to call the raise or big bet on turn from the first to act sb and how you range villian

    you did also not Post how much you lost the Hand before , so we cannot Know how much you are playing and risking here
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      What are the blinds? If you're playing $1/2 then a $10 bet into an $11 pot when checked to seems fine. But you said raised to $10, if you were checked to that would be a bet not a raise. If it is a raise, which player bet first and how much? If 44 is calling that bet OOP in a multi-way pot on that board he's just playing bad and got lucky, not much you can do.

      If you're playing $1/3, then $10 into $16 when checked to seems even better. You have top-two-pair, you want to get called by pairs, don't you? The pot sized bet in the previous situation makes that less likely. They have a lot of catching up to do and you should want to get paid.

      Once the SB leads for $50 into a $30(?) pot alarms should be going off. What you do here is very player dependent, but at low stakes this is rarely a bluff IMO. Bluffs would usually check-raise you here I think. However, there are a ton of bluffs available so I don't think I would be folding top2 here, if you do you're essentially folding everything.

      Once you call turn you pretty much have to call river since you kept all his bluffs in. You'd need a pretty strong live read to fold, and you'd rather make such a read on the turn overbet and fold there. SB seems pretty bad to be playing like this. Just a loose passive straightforward rec. Rough deck.
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      • reeeeeeper
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        After reading your updates I still think you played fine. I wouldn't bet more than pot there, how do you balance that? $10 is a good bet with a large portion of your range, i.e. balanced. If the 44 player had flopped a set with 55 this still would have happened and you still wouldn't have played badly and nor would he. Sometimes you just lose, that's poker, it doesn't necessarily mean you made a big mistake.

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      have trouble making out what happened ....


      • CrazyEddie
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        ok, Kathy is competitive.

        I don't believe being young gives them any edge. Think there is much bigger edge in being a woman.

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      you just run bad not much problem , maybe there is minor mistake but main thing is you just run bad, need more volume thats all


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        A few general thoughts:

        I’d watch Jonathan’s video on taking notes at the table. I don’t use his exact method but I think it would help to have some kind of method to quickly jot things down. Then when you share hands with us you’ll have all the pertinent info.

        I think I’d generally just fold JTo pre but if you do play it here I like limping behind more than raising. You’ve identified that some of the players are tricky limpers, meaning they’re sometimes slow playing big hands. Against them I’m more likely to limp behind with small pairs and suited connectors. (Small note: you also identify them as good players. People regularly open limping big hands are most likely not good players, or at least not the level of good we should be aspiring to be.)

        i don’t think you should have bet bigger on the flop. You have top two, meaning you block many of the hands you could get called with. It’s a great spot to bet small. I wouldn’t have even minded like $5 here, though $10 is fine. Wishing you had bet more than pot because someone ended up hitting a set on the turn is results oriented thinking. What if you bet $10 and the turn was any other card? Would betting $20 and everyone folding be better then?
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