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Top of range or his only holdings?

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  • Top of range or his only holdings?

    One of those pesky hands where I'm not sure if I've run into the top of his range or this is all he has.

    Doing this from memory so may be slightly off.

    6 max

    LJ xx bb
    HJ xx bb
    CO xx bb
    BTN 240bb
    SB 106bb
    BB (Hero) 240bb [eff] - AQs


    LJ: Fold
    HJ: Fold
    CO: Fold
    BTN: Raise to 2.2bb
    SB: 3-bet to 9bb
    BB: 4-bet to 22bb
    BTN: Fold
    SB: Call

    Flop: AK3r (~45bb)

    SB: Check
    BB: Bets 14 bb
    SB: Call

    Turn: AK3 Qr (73bb)

    SB: Check
    BB: Check

    River: AK3 Q 7r (73bb)

    SB: All in for ~70bb
    BB: ??

    I mean there's nothing to do here other than just call right? But the only hand that really made any sense for him to do this with would be AK. Which of course he had. I need to be good >33% of the time to profit here and against an unknown villain I just don't know...

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    shitty spot but I'm paying. checking turn under rep's our hand somewhat and very much so vs bad players.