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Upswing Hand History Viewer - Can someone help please?

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  • Upswing Hand History Viewer - Can someone help please?

    I can create the video for the upswing viewer that you guys use on here but, try as I might I cannot create a link for it to post it on this forum. Can someone pleae explain how to post the link correctly.

    When I do it and try to post my comment I get a message pop up that I am using an incorrect URL?

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    This works on here - I can't remember for sure but I think I use my PC UN and PW to log in.
    I use a vault but I can't physically check if need be...;


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      on my Computer i log into, then Open another window for the upswing replayer , then create the Hand, then copy the upswing new created url, then paste it in the forum

      I have never had any Problem s

      everything default

      perhaps you Need to use another Browser, I am using Google chrome