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  • Cool hand

    The title is sarcastic
    6max zone hand
    2 limps, cutoff raise small to 1.10. I 3bet with KQ to 4.35 from BB. Limpers fold, cutoff calls
    Flop 653 with two hearts. I bet 4.75, figure I’m basically repping QQ+ and blocking Kings and Queens.
    CU calls.
    Turn is the King of clubs. I shove in for $16 (pot size bet)
    Cu calls, has aces, im stacked
    Is this a reasonable hand? Am I the worst? What can I do when I get called and hit the best card in the deck?
    Idk. I just had another crap session and am really frustrated. Judgement is off and/or nonexistent and I wanna know what you guys think about this one
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    It happens buddy.

    It seems like you were on tilt a bit there - do you think you'd play the hand the same way if it was the first hand of a session and you feeling calm and confident?

    It's an interesting turn card because on one hand you want to charge the draws, and on the other you have to think about what value hands are going to call. I think the pot size bet is just too big because the draws are going to fold and worse made hands will almost certainly be getting out of the way.


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      Sent you a PM with my thoughts.

      There is no way for you to put AA, KK, or AK in his range. He should have 4bet those.

      What were the blinds and what was your suits?


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        25 nl so .25 big blind. The reason I 3bet pre is because the blockers plus he didn’t raise that big over the limp and I didn’t have him on a strong range. I was offsuit not sure of my exact suits but there was a flush draw on the flop


        • RealJPB
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          But it sounds like you didn't have the K or Q of hearts, right?

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        Yes I had the K of hearts


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          You started the hand with roughly $25 (50BB - I would say that isn't very deep in cash).

          On the turn the pot is $19.45 and you have $16 behind and we make top pair after bluffing 2 streets.

          So I don't think it's an error, at least not a big one to stack off with top pair and a strong kicker.
          If we were much deeper than we start running into issues.

          The bottom line is that all of your chips were going in vs his exact hand whether you put them in first or not.
          If you check fold to a jam I think you would be getting blasted for folding.

          Technically I think you could have sized your flop bet slightly smaller, maybe $3 would be nice just to fold out
          most of his garbage on what should be a relatively dry flop but other than that it really doesn't change much
          else in this hand because you weren't very deep to start off.


          • LondonImp
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            100bb mate, it's 25NL.

          • kkep
            kkep commented
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            LondonImp My mistake - We should be be check calling. Then I'm usually going for some value on a blank river whenever the turn gets checked through.