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How could I have played the hands better ?

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  • How could I have played the hands better ?

    yesterday I ran into 2 monsters and I was more aggressiv happy than usual

    if this happens there is not much you can do about

    however I am interested in your thoughts how I could have played the hands differently /better ?

    hand 1

    here I got trapped

    on turn I was really sure he has no monster I can make him fold close to 100% of his range

    most small stakes player will not check twice with a monster even oop from SB

    hand 2

    here the flop call was very close with bdfd, bdsd , it is probably a close fold

    on river I am prpobably risking too much , but by checking back he capps his range and just got lucky on the river

    but think about it I am giving him at least a very hard time even with the top of his range , some players might even fold his hand , but if this bluff fails you feel like a horses ass : )

    hand 3

    here before calling the river he thought like forever

    I am quite sure by going allin he folds

    I felt confident as I had a quite big flush blocker hand and the way the hand played out

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    interested in what others have to say


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      In my opinionowhen you turn your hand into a bluff on the turn and get called you have to bet the river.

      Personally I would just check fold in the multiway pot.

      I think I just fold the flop you dont have a draw and you dont have a made hand.

      Hand 3
      I think I cbet the flop bet turn jam river. I think in this case you get called by top pair, but I think that is what I do here.


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        Hand 1:
        The flop is great for your range, however you are multiway so I think checking the flop is good, in fact I think you check this one down if you can and fold to any bet. You have a marginal made hand at best that pretty much loses every time you bet and get called. However, if you check it down you might win. In addition, you have better hands to bluff with like AJ, AT, JT, T9. 55 only improves if you hit one of 2 fives.

        As played, you bet when the K hits the turn. I expect most players would discount a K from your range. First, because there are 2 on the board so less in your range anyway. Second, you checked the flop and most players would not check back multiway with top pair in position. Some players will also discount a Q from your range expecting you probably c-bet that on the flop too. I would not assume he folds anything better than a 7 to your turn bet. Let's assume he raises or leads turn with his 77, so I will take that out of his river range. Past that, I could see him calling with the rest of his playable hands on the turn. On the river, he has a boat 14.9% of the time, he has a straight or trips 13.5% of the time, and has a Q/9/7/88 36.5% of the time. So he is never folding 28.4% of the time and may not fold another 36.5% of the time. Your bet has to work 61.43% of the time to break even and certainly does 35.1% of the time but you are targeting his Q's to get him to fold enough to make your bet profitable.

        If you are betting this board at all, I suggest betting just the river for $900. That needs to work 32% of the time and will certainly work 35.1% and possibly more depending on what he does with his 7's, 88, and 9's.

        Hand 2:
        I think defending preflop is reasonable. The flop is horrible for your range and for your hand and great for his range. Your equity is in having BD flush and BD straight draws. You just fold to any bet. Nothing else to really discuss here.

        Hand 3:
        Preflop is fine. I think you should bet the flop. The K is great for your range, you block the nut flush, and the 5 & 4 don't really slam their calling ranges either. You pick up a straight draw on the turn, so keep betting. On the flop, maybe bet maybe give up if since he has called you 2 streets already. If you bet you are repping the flush and may get him to fold top pair. Recognize, it is a risky bet to get top pair to fold but jamming would be your play if you want to take the risk.

        When you check the flop and call the turn, he could be discounting your flush draws figuring you raise those on the turn. The hard part in ranging him is that we don't know what hands he bets and what hands he checks on the river. I could see him checking his entire range looking to bluff catch or get you to bluff when he has the flush. Your bet needs to work 55% of the time to break even. Maybe it does since he checked. If we assume he checks his entire range on the river, he has a flush 25.9% of the time, set 10.3%, 2 pair 12.1%, a K or Q 24.1& and junk 27.6%. So, you are counting on him to bet a good many of his strong hands to get close to 50%. If he bets all his flushes on the river, he still only has 37.2% junk and 18.6% Q's (clearly he calls with a K). If he bets his flushes and sets on the river, he has 43% junk and 21.6% a Q, so you get the folds you need assuming he only calls with a K or better. There is a lot that has to go your way to get enough folds. I think you have to check this river.


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          Reminds me of a hand played against UK team Pro OP-Poker Nick. True story.

          I open 3x with JdJh ( 166BB ) Team pro defend BB with 130BB.

          Flop : 5d 7h 8d

          I cbet 1/2pot , he calls.

          Turn : 8h

          I cbet 2/3 pot, he chk raised to under 3x my bet. I call.

          River: 7c

          He jams overpot.
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            stick to playing cards, guido

            Save the bold moves for the brilliant players like " OP-Poker Nick"

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          Hand 1 i am think i like the play but , i don't like your thinking , villain 100% no strong hand here he cap his range ? there is no such thing player can choose to trap.

          hand 2 OOP float , if you are ip i think it would be better. i tried not to float OOP

          hand 3 i don't like your bluff alot if river is a spade i think is a better bluff. true backdoor flush reach , but most people will give you the value when your BD flush reach and they will more worried about the flop flush draw reach.