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JL on SB vs BB

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  • JL on SB vs BB

    I seem to recall JL saying he limps everything in the SB vs the BB in cash games these days. Is that the case or is he raising with some premium hands/pairs?

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    I think that might be a bit out of date. I seem to remember seeing this on one of his older training videos and I think he now uses the full range of opens from SB i.e. Raise/4bet, raise/call, raise/fold, limp/raise, limp/call, and limp/fold.

    Although this is highly likely to be player dependant and I could certainly see the benefit of limping the full range against a much better opponent as we'll be OOP. Or just massively sizing up the RFI size to discourage them from getting involved.


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      I feel like he has discussed the merits of this strategy late in tournaments vs very strong opponents when stacks are relatively shallow.
      However I also believe he said this is something he rarely does.