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Looking For Opinions For Online Poker Sites That Accept US Players

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  • Looking For Opinions For Online Poker Sites That Accept US Players

    I currently play on Ignition. I'm thinking about playing on a site where I can use a HUD to track opponents and also to evaluate my play. My thinking is with the knowledge I've gained at Poker Coaching this might be a big benefit. I realize my opponents can track my play as well.

    So, Im looking for thoughts/opinions on a site and whether changing from Ignition would be a good move.

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    I play on both ACR and Ignition.

    I use ACR to help me practice exploiting player types and giving me some validation on my reads. Also, I think it will help having those stats when I start practicing ranging opponents in my study session.

    I use ignition because your reads are only good for as long as they are at the table (much like live).

    You can upload your hands from Ignition to PT4 (and I assume HM). Pretty easy once you set it up, just have to remember to download your hands periodically.


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      You can use a HUD on Ignition as well, You just need to get Ignition Hand Grabber for PokerTracker 4.

      But if you want to play multiple tables, you should play on ACR.


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        Thanks for the replies 1Peter510 and jamtay317. I may have to make a deposit on ACR and play both sites.