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tight fold with top of range but they have it almost always

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  • tight fold with top of range but they have it almost always

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    I am surprised you didn't bet the flop with your open ended straight.

    You are getting 14% pot odds. I see that as a mandatory call when you have the straight.


    • Guido
      Guido commented
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      I often dont cbet into 3 players when the board is set/full house heavy

      i ran into big hands too often in the past resulting me being carefully on those boards

      also i dont donk bet a lot anymore , especially not vs strong players (here not)

      in game I was sure I am beat on river , I am not curious then , no MDF

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    I agree with the check on the flop, need to play straightforward in multiway pots like this. It wouldn't be donking though as it's a limped pot.

    Folding the river does appear to be a mistake though. Yes you are often behind, but you need to win so infrequently to profit you just have to do it.


    • kkep
      kkep commented
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      It's not a donk bet on a limped pot tho.

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    multiway pots you need to play straightforward ... that sounds so stupid / abc

    everyone does one thing , u should be doing another - not the same.
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    • Paul Khoo
      Paul Khoo commented
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      i don't know what to say . i think this is half true?yup when everyone does one thing we should do the opposite or the other path , i like to agree with this statement but playing multi way pot play straightforward sound stupid i think is totally wrong .
      i give you multiple reason why its wrong , when in multiway pot everyone think differently , when you think in this way , there will people think in another way , so when we bet straightforward and honest what harm does we have, the most harm is we lose value, we will either get value or dont get value , we wont lose much value .
      yes in muti way pot we can bluff , and most people know that in muti way pot we should not bluff as frequent , but lets 4 person , u just need to have 1 non believer to bluff catch you will do and you will risk losing the pot. and in muti way pot is very possible someone hand hit top range or hit hand that is good. in a heads up pot , the opponent and you are only hitting flop less then 40% of the time , if you have two opponent you need both opponent to miss 60% of the time what is the chances? if 3 opponent you need 3 opponent to miss 60% of the time what is the chance . this is pure maths , we dont talk leveing . maths already tell us the more people in the pot someone might hit a very strong hand more often then heads up pot someone have a strong hand.

    • CrazyEddie
      CrazyEddie commented
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      Oh, boy , it is in my interest to say " you should play straightforward in multiway pots " because that makes it easier for me.
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    I'm never folding a straight there when he clicks it back. I think a boat would go for more value as you will have plenty of 4x combos, straights 75 T7 also maybe 98


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      Obviously if you think villain is only ever raising with straights and boats you can fold, but I would assume there are way more opponents who could be over-valuing 4x, maybe even 68, 89.

      I agree we need to be playing "straightforward" multi-way, but straightforward =/= only value betting. I think in a limped pot, where we have all the 4s in our range, we need to be betting our draws to balance. Plus since we block all the draws, if we bet on the flop and get raised we can easily fold unless we're getting the right odds, easy game.

      If we check flop and someone bets, are we ever raising?


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        I'm never folding here. you're getting 8:1 on a call. You're going to have more equity than that.


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          hehe... why post the hand if you are sure you played it perfectly ? why look back on it ?

          if villain is ever raising 4x and straights on paired boards, you can reraise .


          • CrazyEddie
            CrazyEddie commented
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            always have it , what is it ? quad 4 ?

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          thx guys , I am actually not a calling station at all , my Fold River stats are high

          I clearly err on the aggressive side

          what I really hate is calling off and losing the hand when I actually knew/thought this before

          thats why I almost never pay off lightly

          if I dont know what to do I fold (at least in small stakes games)

          this prevented me often losing to roughly 10 BB river bets in the past because in low stakes people dont bluff nearly often enough as they should

          but here thinking it through I should have made an "exception" as he could easily have a 4 and it is that cheap

          I was influenced from a hand when I played live a few days before , I bet flush river and got minraised, I call , he shows a boat


          • LondonImp
            LondonImp commented
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            In small/micro stakes games it is always better to fold if you are on the fence. Easier said than done though so I congratulate you for your discipline!