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before math peter I would have jammed the river

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  • before math peter I would have jammed the river

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    peter convinced me i dont have to jam every time


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      but here cmon allin or give up


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        again before peter allin


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          I like it Guido . Your bets don't have to work as often...

          Hand 1 = 75% if you jammed, 58% as played

          Hand 2 = 66% if you jammed, 55% as played

          Hand 3 = you jammed, needed to work 75%. I think a pot size bet or 1.5 pot gets the same folds and only needs to work 50-60%

          Hand 4 = 54% if you jammed, 42% as played


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            thx peter what can I say ? in my games big bets work but you convinced me there is no need to exxagerate with the jam


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              I read peter's posts - and find nothing agreeable , let alone making changes ...


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                CrazyEddie I feel bad that your life has so little meaning you need to come on here and start stuff.

              • CrazyEddie
                CrazyEddie commented
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                can't you take that as a compliment ? I read your posts... I just disagree for most part.

                Frankly I think you are someone who talk about the game, but can't play

                A friendly heads up match ! What do you say ?
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              Usually when people are overbetting they just have the nuts and get excited. I personally am overfolding even if the opponent opens 3BB if he usually opens 2BB. And Jonathan little ine one of the videos only called preflop with QQ when early position opened to 4BB. So I assume I'm not the only one. So bigger bet sizes might get more respect than they mathematically should.