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    H- Ac5s S-$230 P-BTN

    HJ,LJ limp, I raise to $15 only SB calls

    Flop: QcTc6s (Pot $36)
    SB checks, I bet $12, SB calls... I think this bet sizing is bad on such a draw heavy board???

    Turn: As (Pot $60)
    Check, check. I checked because I thought now I had some showdown value and if I bet some of his worse hands will fold. Thoughts?

    River: 3d
    SB leads for $12. Whats our play?

    Villian: Limp/calls preflop a lot. Earlier flatted a 2.5x PFR with QQ after limping. Seems to play very passively.

    I think I do an okay job at understanding some opponents playing styles. What I struggle with his how that can be used to understand their bets and checks. Any thoughts?

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    I’d have played multiple streets differently here. Raising two limpers I think I’d just fold pre or potentially limp behind here. A5o isn’t a great hand with two players already in. If players are particularly bad post I don’t mind limping behind. Particularly tight pre I guess I don’t hate raising.

    I think I’d just check the flop but if you do bet your sizing is good. He’s not folding cards that connect with this board anyways so all you’re trying to fold is underpairs.

    Turn check seems fine.

    River not sure how you can do anything but call getting those odds.


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      I think that I would just fold this preflop, a general range that I would be raising here is something like:

      I understand that you want to be raising wide from the button, however, when there are 2 limpers you are more apt to get called. So I like tightening up so you can maintain your edge.

      Anyways, as played, I don't like betting this flop. With a board that is this coordinated, you want to be betting large and infrequent. What is the reason that you c-bet here? are you going to get better hands to fold? Are you going to get value from hands that you beat? I think the answer to both of those is no.

      If you did bet I think that I like a bet of $25, the reason that I like this size is because lets say you have a set, or a big draw like KcJc you want to get more value from your better hands and if you have the big draws well you don't mind if they call or fold.

      I am going to use my PF range here and show you what I would do with my range on this board. please feel free to critique.

      if you notice I am checking about half the time here, and betting with my best-made hands and big draws.

      now as you can see that have more value hands that I'm betting than draws.

      On the river you can see that I'm checking some of my marginal hands, and junk. Also you can see that I'm betting large with the bottom of my range(bluff) and with my nut hands.

      I hope this helps you.
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