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  • $1-$2 NL Live

    H- 22 S-$280 effective P-BTN

    UTG Limps I raise to $10 UTG calls

    Flop: 46J (Pot $23)
    UTG Checks I bet $10 He calls

    Turn: K (Pot $43)
    UTG checks I bet $22 He calls

    River: 3 ($85)
    He looks at me ask how much I have behind, I don't answer but show him my stack. He then checks, I bet $75.

    Villian, when I first sat down he was at my table, he then got a seat at a $1-$3NL $500 max buy-in table. About an hour later he comes back to our table. He is constantly talking about hands and how people need to play them. He is an older guy in his mid fifties I'd guess. He probably isn't as good as he talks.
    • I wasn't sure where I was in the hand, but I felt the flop and turn really hit my range more than his. Am I wrong here?
    • At the river, I thought about shoving and maybe with more confidence and experience in the future I could make this play.
    • Is the river bet big enough to make any Jacks fold? What about any Kings?

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    I don't like the bet size on the flop, I would just check the flop as its pretty dry, and when called you're only going to be called by better.

    After you bet the flop, he calls, you need to check the turn. I don't think that you're going to get a J to fold here.

    I wouldn't look into him asking how much you have behind, but I don't think that you're ever getting a K, but I think a good player could fold a J here. Going by this player limping UTG I'm going to say that you're not getting a J to fold here. I think checking and giving up is the correct play here.


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      I would go big on river... given that he asked u how much you got left... normally a good sign .. unless he's standing on its head.

      Sounds like you neither have a hand, nor know your opponent ... nor have plan playing the board, to make him fold everything ...

      If he likes to tell people how to play .. probably a clown.

      I'm putting together a read , I would go big on river.