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BB Facing Button Open/RFI Jam

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  • BB Facing Button Open/RFI Jam

    Bit of an odd one.

    Playing some 10NL 6max.

    Folds to the Button who shoves his 112bb stack.

    Small blind folds.

    Hero in BB - covers Button's stack.

    Clearly we can fold almost everything here, but we are still going to need some form of calling range. My instinct at the time was JJ+, AQs+, AKo. In a tournament it would need to be a bit tighter but this is a cash game.

    Playing zoom and 1st ever hand with villain.

    Does JJ+, AQs+, AKo as a calling range seem about right or is it a bit too loose/tight?

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    Yeah that seems pretty reasonable to me. In game I’d be tempted to call wider than that because it’s such a ludicrous bet but live if the guy was 100 years old I probably sigh fold AQs.


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      In a tournament? Only calling with AA, maybe KK.

      For cash, MDF is 1.3% of hands. If SB & BB defend with just AA & KK that defends 1.7%. If you wanted to go wider, add AK and maybe QQ. AQs and JJ depend heavily on how wide BTN open jams 112bb (and you have no idea as you stated). You need at least 50% equity to call (even that is razor thin).

      For AQs, villain has to jam 22+, A9s+, ATo+ to have 50% equity. To me, that is a hard no on calling.

      For JJ, villain must jam TT+, ATs, AJo to have 50% equity. So maybe, but I would lean heavily toward a no.

      QQ needs BTN to jam JJ+, AQ+ to have 50% equity, so maybe.

      For AKo, BTN must jam AQo to have 50% equity. So maybe, but only because it blocks AA & KK.


      • LondonImp
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        Thanks a lot for taking the time to run the numbers, really thorough answer.

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      Okay glad to hear I wasn't wildly out on this.

      In game I had AKo, made the call, and villain had AA.


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        Oddly enough it doesn't surprise me he showed up with AA. It seems like something someone would do as a leveling play. The whole "no one will think I do this with AA so are actually more likely to call off thinking I am bluffing".

        that is why I was thinking I would only call with AA & KK.

        You actually crush him by folding everything but AA/KK because expectation for AA is 10bb but he would only realize like 2.5bb.