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Not many sixes in range?

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  • Not many sixes in range?

    On the river, JL discusses how he shouldn't really have too many sixes in his range apart from 56s, 76s, Ad6d so there are 'almost no combos'.
    What constitutes almost no combos in a general hand.
    If we lead the river then we have a few bluffs and value but what are the ratios of each here?

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    That's 7 combos out of all the combos he ends up on the river here with. It's actually possibly 13 combos if you count 66, though that might not have bet flop. Still, that's not many. Let's see what else he ends up on the river after 3W B - HU XC...

    It would be something like this. I'm sure this isn't accurate, but it's the general idea of how many combinations there are on the river, about 60. So if he has only 7 combos of 6's like he thought, that's a bit over 10%. That's not much. If we add in the 66 it's more, but that hand probably checks flop and doesn't take this line. If it does then it's still not a ton coming in at 20%, though I wouldn't call that barely any anymore.