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  • MTT Chop Negotiation

    A couple times a year my local casino(1.5 hour drive) hosts a $500.00 buy in tournament. Due to bad weather during the scheduled satellites there was only 24 entries. When we got down to 4 players the 2 short stacks (10/15BB) wanted to negotiate a chop. The chip leader and I offered them $100 each, they wanted $200, we said no and resumed play. On the 1st hand I'm first to act and I have TT and raise, one of the short stacks moves AI, I call and he shows 99, my TT holds up. We're 3 handed and the short stack wants to negotiate again.

    We offer him the same deal $100, he wants $200, we say no so play continues 3 handed. On the 1st hand he moves AI, chip leader folds and I look down at 88 and call, he shows AQo so we're racing, I flop a set and win the hand.

    This was amusing to me so thought I would share. We ended up chopping and my share was $3,400 and some change.

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    Congrats on the second place finish! That's great! I would recommend that you never chop. Who cares if they get mad at you, you know that because you study and work hard you have an edge.

    That said, JL says the experience is worth more than the money. So next time you play and make it just play it out. The experience is most definitely worth more than the 1k extra you get from chopping