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  • Bet Fold here?

    I was playing 1/3 last night we were 100BB effective.

    Hand: QhQs..... Position: BTN

    2 limps LJ HJ I raise $15 SB(Very Lose aggressive player) call everyone else flop

    Flop: T66hcd
    I bet 20, SB call

    Turn: 7c
    We check

    River: 3c
    I bet 25, SB allin. HERO?

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    I find 1/3 to be a tricky game because you have a mix of good and bad players. It's always hard for me to range players unless I have a ton of experience with them. Since you label villain as LAG I assume he's a decent player with somewhat predictable ranges.

    Pretty tough for V to have a 6 when he flats the SB but he could have a few. Im also not sure V checks turn and river w/ big value hands like TT, 77, 89, 67 or a flush. Its a really big raise and he may be trying to push you off something marginal because of perceived weakness when you check turn and bet river small. If he is betting for value what hands is he trying to get called by...? Like exactly an over pair or maybe a flush if he's holding a full house?

    Nasty spot but against a LAG with a combo near the top of our range I think you have to begrudgingly call. The story his line tells just doesn't make much sense. If he checked a monster twice than good on him, make a note and move on with your life.


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      The line only makes sense for super nutted hands (boat+), and even those rarely check the river since you checked the turn, so since this is a very aggressive player I think you have to hero here. The only thing making me think that might be a mistake is that at 1/3 people very rarely bluff the river like this.
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        If my math is right you are calling $240 to win $645 (37%). So, need to win 38%+ and have a bluff catcher. You don't block any flushes. I don't know if we can find 38% of villains range that is a bluff. I would fold and say good on him if he bluffed. If he was bluffing, you probably get to see it because he will want the pats on the back.

        What was your thought process for checking the turn and then betting the river when the backdoor flush came in?


        • MrFuss
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          Yeah there are no bluffs that makes sense however neither does his line. This play looks purely exploitative to me in which case math mostly goes out the window.

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        I checked the turn to bet the river, I was thinking that I couldn't get 3 streets of value from a T. Then I bet the river with the intention of calling a "Normal" raise. Something like 3x. That said I did fold and he showed 87hh which I dont know how he called the flop jammed the river with that. But he did.


        • jamtay317
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          I will put together what my range may look like and post it here tonight. I probably should had bet turn checked river, But I will look this up tonight.

        • jamtay317
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          1Peter510 I've looked over this and the fact of the matter is I should have bet the turn and checked behind on the river. I'm trying to put together a range that makes sense and I'm finding that I am just lying to myself to make the numbers work. I think when that happens there is no doubt I should have bet the turn for value.

        • 1Peter510
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          One of Alex Fitzgerald's rules... never leave a move that caps your range. Always set up a turn bet in position and river bet OOP.

          It is all part of us learning together. Thanks for sharing the hand.