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almost never making leverage bets

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  • CrazyEddie
    commented on 's reply
    I don't think leveraging is for late stage.. but I will say this ... the calling stations don't make it to the late stage

  • CrazyEddie
    there are more people bluff catching than there are people bluffing.... what u think it means ? that they are good ?


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  • Bentley
    It depends on the level you play and the stage in the tournament. Leveraging bets to me are something you do late in a tournament, you leverage their stack to basically scare them off. They will not be calling stations when medium stacked high blinds, or on bubbles, etc.

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  • Guido
    started a topic almost never making leverage bets

    almost never making leverage bets

    there are holes in my game. this is chrystal clear and thats why I am here

    however 1 leak is I almost never do leveraging bets.

    for instance i almost never

    a) bet as a bluff turn sizings where People would think i will for sure jam river

    b) Check raise small As a stone bluff so that villian Needs to go allin or call and call down later

    c) 3 bet/ fold (As bluff) with 25bb+

    why am i not doing those things?

    Because i expect People to be calling Stations . this is a General assumption i make (Population tendency)

    it seems like - except very Rock players- no one ever folds in holdem

    folding means (people are not good at it)

    a) accepting losses

    b) not getting satisfied the curiosity

    thoughts ?