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  • How Do You Handle This PF?

    Blinds/antes are 4/2/400 in this WSOP 1K event and most players--the exception being UTG--have more than the starting stack of 20k.

    UTG (weak-tight) brings it in for 800 off a stack of 12000, the next player, who's laggy and run his stack up into the 75k range by now, comes in for 2300.

    I pick up AA with 26k in the next seat and four-bet to 7k. There was no doubt in my mind that opener was going to fold anything but KK+, given his position and my solid-aggressive image, and I wanted to encourage action, especially from the three-bettor, who had got many of his chips by opening KJo from the cutoff and cracking AA, which was slowplayed by the former SB.

    Given the stack sizes, would you just jam here or four-bet a different size?

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    Since we are in EP I think we have to raise but I don't love doing that with AA here. I want to go to a flop vs the LAG and
    getting stacks in shouldn't be an issue given our stack size so this sucks.

    I guess I make a minnish raise to 4000 so the players behind don't get cute and call with some marginal stuff that can flop well.


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      Definitely wouldn’t jam here. If LAG seems like a good player and you want to be balanced your bet size seems ideal (if not slightly small because of the original opener) because you’re certainly want to bet that size with bluffs. If you’re not concerned with balance, I like something like 5500 to encourage the LAG to stick around or 5bet.


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        Definitely not jamming with AA. Given its a WSOP event, I doubt you need to be balanced and can raise it to around 4.9k allowing someone behind to jam or UTG to think he has some fold equity to jam but still building the pot so you can get all your chips in post flop if LAG just calls.


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          I usually like to 4bet somewhere between 2.2x - 2.5x. As 1Peter510 said a smaller raise may give the impression of fold equity for any rejam stacks left to act or the 2 players already involved. Definitely not jamming with AA.