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getting better mid and deep stacked

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  • getting better mid and deep stacked

    up to now i have a very solid short stack Game I think

    i play a lot of online turbos

    i play like a nash under 15 BB Game

    and I have i think Developed a fundamentally Sound 3 Betting jamming Game up to 32 BB

    but above this I am too tight (exceptions are in online game huge random bluffs for instance if villians range is capped and / or i have a blocker to the nuts for instance , live I play almost only for value As People call down like hell )

    my weakest area is I think roughly 33bb - 75 BB effective stacks

    here i am definitely Too tight

    resulting me surviving a lot , reaching the bubble a lot reaching day 2 a lot

    But most of the Time with a stack 10 BB- 32 BB

    I will then either bust quickly

    or doubling up and having the Chance to go very deep if I run good

    but actually there is not a lot of postflop play unless I defend the BB

    how can I get better mid to deep stack ? playing Cash games a lot? who has any recommandations ?

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    I would say keep studying and trust the process. I find myself playing tight in that range too in lower stakes games mainly bc a lot of players are still opening like they are playing 300BB IOW 3-5x. So I tighten my calling range up a bit.