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  • Too weak ?

    yesterday quite high buyin live

    Hero has 24 bb utg +2 raising 2.25x

    BB one of the Top 10 -15 most famous poker players in the World , he has slightly less Chips than me and calls my bet

    my Hand 99

    Flop QJ2 Rainbow

    villian Checks to me

    I thought 2 cards 9 or higher are pretty good for calling ranges , this is not that true for a BB calling range As his calling range is usually pretty Wide

    however I expected to get Check raised a lot and I decided to Check back

    turn blank

    villians bets 3,5 BB

    Hero folds.

    Too weak ?

    i should have cbet right? range advantage yes, nut advantage yes

    When Check back, call at least 1 street ?

    i feel like i get Tested for my Tournament Life a lot , this pro explained before he has already a min Cash day 2 Ticket and trys to get a healthier stack for day2
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    I think you can c-bet here, but by default would check back (marginal made) IF you're planning to call almost all turns and see if he fires again river and make a decision there. Checking back and then folding turn to a strong player seems exploitably tight. By checking back you strengthen your checking range so he can't autobet to take pots when you check, but when you fold turn you're letting him do exactly that. That said, I think a c-bet is ok too, intending to fold to a raise, or if he calls make a smallish turn bet in order to buy a cheap showdown.


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      thx solid advice. the Problem is here by Checking back i cap my range and I Knew in my Head he will therefore Test me for almost my Tournament Life on turn or river and even knowing this and having a very decent bluff catcher I just did not want to call down here . i Know this is too weak . btw this was after playing 12 hours . so perhaps i was a little too exhausted to think this through in Game or too scary to call down and are wrong

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    you have alot of holes in your games ... and seems somewhat fit or fold.

    Range adv is bunch of bullshit.

    u play on pokerstars , haven't seen people flat BB with KK, QQ ?

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      Lets say BB calls with about 50% of hands. He has TP 13% of the time and middle pair 13% of the time. Thats about it on this board. He has complete air 61% of the time.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	1.png Views:	0 Size:	281.1 KB ID:	26531

      I think checking behind on the flop is ok IF you are going to call the turn, especially on a blank. Otherwise I would cbet the flop and then choose to check the turn and see what develops on the river.

      When you both check flop you keep BB in with all of his junk. If you bet the flop you let BB fold all his junk and gain a bunch of equity on the turn. Matt's last webinar uses PIO to demonstrate this relationship between an UTG open and BB call and how the dynamic changes on different board textures. Definitely recommend checking it out.
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