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Open limping better than small raising?

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  • Open limping better than small raising?

    yesterday I had a Spot with 77

    Position hijack

    stack 70.000 (35 bb)

    blinds 1000/2000 (2000 BB ante)

    i raised to 4500

    button who covered me reraised to 13.500

    i folded

    afterwards I thought if i had Open limped he would have raised to roughly 7000 And i would have the correct odds to set mine


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    I don't think so. I feel like that caps your range or at least heavily weights it towards a lot of marginal stuff.


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      I don't like the way this went at all--if you're open-folding 77, why put 4500 in at all? If your opponents are competent, you'll be facing a lot of three-bets and should be prepared to four-bet jam over the reraise. Playing as you did turns 77 into a bluff. Open-limping has nothing to recommend it either.


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        What about min raise call. Not ideal with 35bbs.
        limp then all in if you have a limping strategy maybe.


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          I like limping , because it F***s up people who know the charts.


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            Do you only post drunk or do you just get a kick out of being a troll?

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            Drunk troll?

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            *grabs popcorn

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          Can we please keep on topic .

          Open limping divides your range, so you have to be prepared to balance both ranges which is why it is not recommended. I would raise with 7-7 as well, and then respond to the 3bet. If the 3 better has been active, and loose aggressive, I may 4 bet to 30000 or so. If they jam, it can still be folded leaving you with a stack of 20BB which is not great, but OK. If I was 3bet by a tight person who has seldom put chips in the pot then folding is the right response.


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            thx guys. i have thought about it . my idea was flawed As de dont play small to Medium pairs only to set mine .

            so limping is a Bad idea

            I was new at the table, no reads . so jamming very risky .

            actually I think I played it fine

            i dont want to Open fold nor to call a 3 bet