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  • proud of my call

    yesterday I Made a Call off which I happily want to share. i played a quite high buyin live mtt day1

    i didnt make Notes at The table but from the Top of my head :

    Hero Position Button , stack

    blinds 400/800 (800 BB ante)

    villian Position BB stack 11.500 chips

    Hero raised with ThTc to 2000

    villian called

    Flop Jd 3s 6c

    villian Checked to the raiser

    Hero Checked behind

    turn 7s

    villian bet 3500

    Hero calls Not Happy but thinks he has to call at least one street

    river 2h

    villian goes allin with his last 6000 chips

    Hero tanked and calls

    Heros reasoning for calling:

    if villian had JJ+ he would have 3 bet me preflop most likely

    which Jacks can villian possibly have ? I Block JT very hard.

    12 combos of JK, JQ, J9,j8, ? possible but flop was dry , he is supposed to Check call to let my bluffs in , i just thought he Would not have played those Top pair Hands this way oop on this Board.

    AJ ? i Guess he is raising preflop.

    i Checked and induced possible bluffs by Checking

    he stared at me and he clearly wanted me to feel that he is staring at me

    i called Because i thought his line doesnt make sense to me if he really had my TT beat

    he showed 6d 8h

    it was no easy decision Because if has me beat i am left with 2 BB but I think this should not influence my decision here

    thoughts ?

    is this a Standard call off for you ? do you think why is he Posting such an easy Spot? when he Checks back villian gets induced to bluff so easy easy call ?
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    idk if it's a standard call or not

    You did leave 76 out of his range tho and you counted his combos wrong. He would have 63 combos
    given the hands you listed and when we include JT(6) and 76(9)


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      Assuming villain jams any pair and AJ preflop, checks the flop always, and bets the turn and river like this with his pairs of 6's or better, you are ahead of over half of his range with 24% pot odds. Seems like an easy call there.

      Probably worth noting, he does have about 121 combos of hands that beat you when he bets the turn. He called from BB, so has 54, 63s, 73s, & 76 in his range plus 91 combos of J's (J2s+, J5o+, exclude JJ & AJ).

      Now, is it reasonable to expect him to bet with a pair of 6's (I know it is what he did, but do most players do that)? Maybe.

      I feel like most players could take this line with a 7, so you are still ahead of 37% of his range and still a pretty easy call.