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When to call QQ on the Bubble (and how figure it out on my own)

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  • When to call QQ on the Bubble (and how figure it out on my own)

    So I understand ICM and how it can help me figure out pushing or folding on the bubble but can someone run through how to do it for a call. I am not sure if it matters but I don't mind busting and normally play to win, especially at these stakes.

    The actual hand as an example was:
    6-Max $30 Online Tourney
    Blinds: 500/1000
    8 people left, 6 people get paid: 1-$410, 2-$277, 3-$166, 4-$111, 5-$83, 6-$61
    Stacks: 34k, 17k (villain), 16k, 11k, 10k (hero), 6k, 6k, 3k
    BTN (villain): Push All-in - the range I put him at top 21% and he has pushed with A6o recently
    SB (hero) QQ - I called this but wanted validation if this was correct or if I should have waited for the bubble to burst
    BB (chip leader)

    1) Is this a call or fold
    2) Is there a link that can go over the math of how to do this on my own in the future

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    What were the blinds?

    What were the positions at the table?


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      If a villain is pushing with A6o he might be closer to 25-30% especially from the button


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        Originally posted by Bentley View Post
        If a villain is pushing with A6o he might be closer to 25-30% especially from the button
        I agree Bentley. I was trying to be conservative for if I am supposed to call with 21%, I should certainly call with 30%. Below is the conservative range I was thinking. This all started because I was playing this in bed while watching Netflix with the wife and when the villain pushed, I said out loud "I am supposed to call this". My wife looked over and said, "no, just wait for the two guys to bust". When I busted she was like "I told you so" - mind you she doesn't play poker and is very results oriented. I was going to prove it to her by pulling up an ICM calculator and doing the math and realized I was struggling to do so because either it has been too long since I did homework like this and forgot or I never knew how. Hence the post.
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          I'm calling without giving ICM one second of thought.


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            I am with you kkep - but I am wondering what is the calculation and the math behind it. I want to have something to show my results oriented wife to say a call is correct because of this. My assumption is maybe I calculate the ICM values for 20k in chips (if I double up) at whatever equity my QQ has against the villains range plus the % that I busto and have $0 and compare that with the ICM value of my 10k in chips if I were to fold.


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              kkep commented
              Editing a comment
              I honestly don't have a clue. In the moment I would say OK I can fold and almost certainly win $61 or I can call, likely way ahead and be second in chips which puts me in line to win it all

              This should be your calling range but I don't know if this factors in ICM or not, I think not but even still QQ is at the top so that would leave me to believe absolutely yes.

              Call an all-in from Small Blind for 10 effective big blinds against:Button with 29.4% 22+, A2s+, A2o+, K6s+, K9o+, Q9s+, QTo+, J9s+