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  • Flop the nuts

    This is a hand that I played Wednesday we were 200BB effective.

    The villian is a tight straightfoward player who I have played with before and never saw 3 bet

    Hand: AhAs .......... Position:UTG
    I open to 3.5BB, 3Bets 7.5BB,I 4Bet to 31BB

    we check. I checked here because I didn't want to here to fold KK,QQ,JJ,TT type hands that think "Awe he has AK"

    Turn: Qs
    I bet 20BB, she calls.


    what size do you bet? do you check? what do you do?

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    I’d continue with the small sizing. The few strong combos he has has that would call more than that are likely to raise you anyways. Not only do you block opponent from having type pair but frequently he’ll just bet flop with that once you check.

    Obvious holding is KK, maybe KQs but I’m sure there’s a bunch of other random stuff villain will occasionally show up with.

    Pots now 100bb so maybe 33-40bb?

    If you have any reason to think a bigger bet will be seen as bluffy go for it, but that’s what I’d do here. I’d never check against a tight straightforward player on the river in this spot.


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      I rip it in going for max value