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    yesterday I was in a Strange Spot live poker not itm yet . i started the Hand with 31 BB effectively from BB Position (new table)

    BB ante

    cutoff who covers me raised 2.5x

    my Hand Ad Jd

    if I had up to 27 BB I would have Considered 3 bet jamming allin even from the bb but I need to be disciplined and give / set myself Limits

    however he bets 3 BB on 5d 3s 4h

    Hero Checks calls Flop

    turn 9d

    Hero Plans to Check call one More street to a normal bet and he might have 13 outs , perhaps More depending on villians exact Hand

    but then villian pots it on turn

    Hero Tanks and folded

    thoughts ?

    although having nutty potential i dont have the correct immediate odds nor enough implied odds and no real fold equity I Guess

    How would you range the villian ? although from Co Position i range him having an dont Know what to do with overpair most likely

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    I think I like 3betting small here. Our charts at 25bb have this as a 3b.

    As played, basically villain bets 11.5bb into 11.5bb and you have 25.5 back?

    The question is how often do you get paid when you hit the river? You’re getting close to the right odds if you get paid 100% of the time, which you almost certainly don’t, so I don’t think calling is viable.

    You should have little fold equity here but villain has to be somewhat polarized with a pot bet right? Folding is fine and maybe but best option but in game I might’ve still ripped it in.


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      I would also likely 3bet small from the BB vs CO open. Bet small on the flop setting up a jam on the turn depending on what comes.

      As played I would have folded to the pot bet. I may have considered donking the turn as a block bet to see a cheap river or even get a fold.


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        AJs is a 3-bet pre-flop here out of the BB and it's borderline value/bluff at 31BB.

        3-betting with 31BB looks really strong (it is) and the Co has a fairly wide opening range.
        We will win a lot of pots here without going to the flop. We will also win a lot of pots having the edge vs their calling range.
        If they rip it in we have a decission but mucking with 21BB behind isn't the end of the world.


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          Did Eddie self censor himself or did a Mod remove his post here?