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    Hero RFI 3BB
    The villain on the button calls

    Flop Qc, 6c, 5s
    The hero has the range advantage and the nut advantage.

    Hero bets small 3BB
    Villain calls

    Turn comes 5h (Qc, 6c, 5s)
    This card doesn't change much. Could hit the button's range.

    Heros bets small 3BB with entire range since the range and nut advantage is maintained.

    River comes Qd (Qc, 6c, 5s, 5h)

    This is great for the hero

    Hero chooses a polarized river strategy

    Thoughts? Would triple barreling with the entire range be more profitable in the long run?

    Thanks in advance for any insight!

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    Betting small with everything on the flop is probably fine although I could also see betting larger and less frequent. CO has 55,56,78 and UTG does not. I would start checking some combos on the turn. Typically on the turn you want a 1/1 ratio of value/draw combos and start checking some marginal combos like middle pairs and maybe even some of your Qx to defend your checking range. I would also be betting larger on the turn since your range would become more polarized and to build the pot with your strong value combos and increase fold equity with your draws. Betting everything on 2 streets leaves you with too many marginal and junk combos on the river.
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      Agreed with MrFuss

      When villain calls flop I think we want to start checking back a lot of those value hands (namely 77-JJ) you're still betting.