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    25nl 100BB effective

    Loose splashy player makes it 5x pre from utg+1
    I call button with 65 of spades (I call suited connectors a lot from the button assuming stacks are fairly deep. Is this a losing play?)
    Flop: 9-8-6 with one spade.
    Villain bets $2.03. I call
    Turn is an offsuit 7. Villain bets 4.93 (75% pot). I call
    River is a 6. Final board is 9-8-6-7-6
    Villain bets $16.44, exactly the amount I have in my stack and slightly more than the pot. I make the call and get showed 77.
    In retrospect it seems like an easy fold, but the 5x preflop had me convinced he had AA. He also insta bet every street. I just didn't have him on 10-10, which was the only logical hand I lose to in my mind. Also having a 6 blocks full houses, but is that even relevant in this spot? The whole hand felt strange and the preflop sizing didn't make me think he had a boat on this board. Do you think the call on any given street is terrible?

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    I think preflop is close. I probably fold. 56 is a little too low for me. Fold the flop, that's not the flop your looking for. Bottom pair , backdoor flush and the sucker end of the straight draw isn't too great


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      You have the bare minimum implied odds to call 5BBs with a suited connectors. You should have at least 20x the bet, and you do. Since this is a splashy player, I think it's a fine call as you're more likely to be paid off.

      I'm not sure of exact sizing because you switched from BB to $. However, the main issue I have is...

      I just didn't have him on 10-10, which was the only logical hand I lose to in my mind.
      By definition you can't narrow down a loose splashy player like this. He could easily have QTs, JTs, T9s, T8s, TT, 99, 88, 77, 76s, 86s, 65s, ATs, A9s, A6s, 98s, 87s, or overpairs here. Some of those you beat (if he plays them that way), but most you don't. I definitely get calling here, but players like this make their way by getting paid when they actually hit. So when he's piling money in here, I don't think the bottom end of the straight is good often enough. It might be a call in some circumstances given the odds, but in my mind at these stakes this is probably a fold. A tough fold, but a fold.


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        preflop you can certainly call this deep

        Flop mandatory call but be careful. only a Runner Runner flush might be good enough later and this Baby flush can be dominated by better flush

        turn you get the Baby straight . hm here is the Main decision point . I make an in Game decision here. i dont Auto call ! i mean every T beats you . on such low stakes I probably call this

        river i again dont Auto call . i would fold here most often As i lose to every T and every full House and dont want to stack off with a Baby straight this deep and only Because you called the turn doesnt Force you to Call a river bet even if it were a brick

        But if you range him to overpairs you Need to call. it really depends on the Image and skills Level of villian and the exact dynamics

        no really Bad/ undefensible call
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