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  • Interesting spot in MTT

    Keep it simple. Blinds are 200/400, 40 ante.
    Everyone folds to button (45BB) who limps. I have JJ in BB (90BB) (note, there is no SB in this hand)
    I make it 1600, button calls
    Flop: 9-9-7
    I bet 1600 (bad sizing?) into a pot of 3520. Button calls
    Turn is another 9. We both check (bad check?)
    River is a K. Board is 9-9-7-9-K with 3 spades
    I opt for a tiny bet of 540 into 6700 or so. My thinking is I want to get value from a 7 or smaller pairs, but mainly I don't want to check and face a large bet.
    Button makes a small raise to 1880. So there's 9140 in the pot and it's 1380 to call . . . what do you do?
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    Any notes on villains open limps? I think i wouldve bet ~2k ott to get value from some 7s or22-66 or maybe A high. Honestly im not sure what he would be open limping otb. As played I think you have to call. You need to be good like 15% of the time.


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      I raise to 2400-2800 preflop.

      As played, half pot seems fine on the flop. I would probably go smaller.

      I would keep betting on the turn. Would probably go 2100.

      On the river, MDF is 78% and JJ is probably near the top of your range (I assume, really depends on what range you would raise in this situation and then bet/check/bet).

      That said, the field never raises the river as a bluff and his bet looks like value. So, that should lead to a fold. Reality is, that price is too good, JJ is likely at the top of your range, and if wrong the chips are going to your right so I would just call.


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        As you said, "I would just call" in this hand, and in these spots I'm really trying to be smarter. I refer to these types of calls as "whatever" calls, basically meaning the pot's size compared to the small bets more often then not leads to being beat, but, "whatever" it's a small bet, so I call.
        However, if we're beat we're beat. After I thought this one through, I realized his raise is so small that I'm "never" folding, which makes me think folding is exactly what I should do. I did in fact fold, and the button proudly showed his 10-9 of heats for turned quads. So I'm sure I didn't play this hand perfectly, but I do feel pretty good about not losing the extra bet on the river. Even if it's small, making the correct folds in these types of spots add up


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          You make a great point. The joys of deciding to exploit vs not be exploited.

          I should probably be more disciplined and fold when I expect to be beat even though the price is too good. 3bb saved is 3bb saved.

          Funny how he proudly showed his quads. I would have been so pissed at myself and embarrased to butcher the hand the way he did.