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  • Big field tournies

    What are everyone's opinions on playing big field tournies? I used to have a rule that I would never play more than a 2,000+ player tourney online since it takes too long and as you get more players, say 3-10,000 then although value is there (lots get paid), you're very unlikely to make the FT.
    With 2,000 or so entries you can get to the final table every so often.
    It seems pointless to play a 10,000 field for 15 hours like the Sunday million but that seems to be where online MTTs are going these days.

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    not pointless for someone who final tabled $3.30 twice to win $600,000 ...


    • Bentley
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      Who's that? I don't see how a prize of 300k would be possible in a $3 tourney
      I guess pointless was the wrong word, more like the chances of that happening vs time invested. A 6-10hr tournament finishes some time in the early hours but a larger field tourney means the whole night?
      Once the field is above 5,000 - I mean it seems slim to get to the ft.

      I've FT'd 2000 player tournies in the past but nothing bigger. Doesn't mean to say it couldn't happen but...
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    • CrazyEddie
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      the last $215 anniversary on pokerstars ... $1M guaranteed for 1st place. $10M prize pool. The guy who won it had no more than 3 final tables all in micro stakes. He went from playing $3.30 to $215 ... and it was 80,000 entries or something ...

      That's tournament for u.

      I didn't even enter... because I mainly play $22 - $82 ... but that first place finisher $3.30 guy ? no guts, no glory

      If I say math is overrated .. u can see why ... of course I don't doubt that guy will eventually give everything back..
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    I personally do like the excitement that comes with playing a “lotto ticket” with a huge field and the chance for a gigantic score. For me that trade off is worth the downsides, but I can get why it wouldn’t be for some.


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      Never saw a downside to playing for hours with a slim chance at making the FT of one of those, which I did in a Sunday Million, back in the bad old days--I was just looking at going after all the gelt. If it had bothered me, I probably wouldn't have played in the first place.