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anyone understanding this 3bet jam ?

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  • anyone understanding this 3bet jam ?

    bounty tournament ... stage important .. I can't recall... blinds : 100/200

    MP opens 2x from 25BB stack. Action folds to SB, who 3bet ships 37BB with KJs into me ( big blind , 130BB ) . I fold J4s.

    MP calls AQo and loses.

    Small blind is a good reg ... must have a good reason.

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    The 25bb gto charts show KJs as an all in from SB vs an open from any position.

    i guess it is because it blocks AK & KK that would call, has good equity against the likely calling range, and keeps the BB out of the pot.

    And, he doesn't want to just call and have your massive stack squeeze him out. His only play with you to his left is to jam a lot.


    • CrazyEddie
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      I think foolish.... with 25BB stack who might not fold ... and me in the BB .. ( I call wide )

      now if it had come from some random player ... I wouldn't give it a second thought ...
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    • 1Peter510
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      How wide you calling?

      How does he know you call that wide?

      KJs is in the top 10% of hands, so what jamming range do you see as being solid here?

    • CrazyEddie
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      this particular player might be experimenting something here.... I don't think solid player would jam .. why bingo ? that goes against "solid" ...
      jamming is for people who can not play post flop .. out of fear ... unexploitable =

      how wide ? he should know ... he was on the table. I make a point to everyone know