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should I stay or should I go ? dont know what to do at all

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  • should I stay or should I go ? dont know what to do at all

    actually it is seldom that i dont know what to do at all , here it was such a spot , the pusher was very good player , actually 20 BB i call down but here i thought he wanted me to think this is a bluff
    although 6max his position and his range lots of better aces was the main factor why i folded
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    With 18bb to start if I call with Ax from BB, I am looking to hit top pair and get my chips in.

    About 22% of his range is a better ace. And if that is your concern, why call the flop bet or even the preflop bet?

    For me, the 1/3rd pot bet on the flop doesn't feel like an Ace. Seems like an Ace would bet bigger to deter a flush from calling and get max value from a worse Ace. The jam on the turn feels like a bluff trying to get you to fold your ace.

    His bet needed to work 66% of the time. If A5 is the best hand you fold, you are folding 79% of your range. Even if you call with all your top pairs, you are folding 65% of the time. I think you should have called.


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      thx for Feedback. in Game it really felt like a meta Game jam to make me call with a worse Hand than he has. if playing mdf you dont care and just call . this might be better here. but based on my experience i Made an exploitative fold and who Knows Whether I got exploited


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        i agree with you guido your out kicked, against possible spade flush, 2 pair draws, Q hi kicker,you only have 1 out if he has an A, however w/ 20 BBs chart, your suppose to go all in, the risk is not worth it, and end your tournament life vs long term $$$$, one way to win 3 ways to lose, without gambling..GL
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          I like a call, but for different reason.
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